Obviously my blog has nothing to do with politics (unless it’s related to Scandal or House of Cards, of course) but when I saw the cute NYC apartment of Barbara Bush via I wanted to share.

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This is a wonderful example of a space reflecting your life story, and the best bonus?

She shares this townhouse with two other friends, each with their very own take on personal decor- check out all three apartments in the article! Also, let’s talk about how the grey violet wall color is kind of perfect for a modern yet feminine backdrop- for this look try Farrow & Ball’s Callaluna or Brassica!

The cross was bought on a trip to Peru and the photographs are of her favorite artists bought in New Orleans.

The skull on the mantle was picked up in Austin, Texas and the portrait behind is of her cat Eleanor done by the former president.

This unique armoire is topped with African masks from her travels in Africa working for her organization Global Health Corps. Are some of your favorite touches those items that also carry a story with them?

This table was the kitchen table that Barbara grew up eating dinners on. And I really love how she paired it with that mirror and so many personal pictures. I know mine are- from the vintage buffet I snagged for at an estate sale to a couple paintings I’ve done myself over the years.

I want to make a point to buy more home items when I travel to add to my personal collection!

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