If you don't have the usb cable, you can buy it here There are several cards on the market, you can update the preinstalled map in your gps or buy one with another country on it.

The regions / countries are the following The Alps Australia The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg Canada and Alaska Germany, and Switzerland'Autriche Eastern Europe Spain and Portugal France Hong Kong Italy Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark Singapore Southern Africa Britain and the Republic of Ireland The United States - Midwest Region The United States - Great Plains Region The United States - South Central Region The United States - South East Region The United States - Western Region The United States and Canada Western Europe To make the comparison with the maps offered by the competing company Garmin, click here For example, if you already have a map of Canada and the United States that you received when purchasing the GPS, you can update it to the sum of $ 99.95 USD.

These updates are more expensive than its competitors garmin and magellan If you want to upgrade other things, you can update voice, traffic specs with the tomtom one software.

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Tom Tom's business had Consumer, Automotive, Licensing and Telematics units.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, the company currently has 4,000 employees worldwide and sells products in over 41 countries.

Tom Tom was originally named Palmtop Software, founded by Peter-Frans Pauwels, Pieter Geelen, Harold Goddijn and Corinne Vigreux.

In 2008, Tom Tom acquired Tele Atlas, a digital map maker, for €2.9 billion.

On 11 June 2012, at an event for Apple's i OS 6 preview, Tom Tom was announced as the main mapping data provider for Apple's revamped i OS 6 "Maps" app, replacing Google Maps.

Late 2015, Tom Tom extended its deal with Apple and signed a new contract with international transportation network company Uber.

The Uber driver app now uses Tom Tom maps and traffic data in 300 cities worldwide.