Laying aside physical abuse and unrepentant sexual immorality, let’s look at 5 tips for Christians who are considering divorce and see if God can help you find a way to save your marriage.Because you are reading this article I assume you have some desire to keep your marriage together. Pray that God will give you wisdom in your relationship (James 1:5). Pray that God will give you love for him or her again (1 Corinthians 13). Rarely do marriages struggle where only one partner is to blame for all the problems.

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During this time of great difficulty you should actually pray that God does reveal your faults. As a result of building a better relationship with God you will invariably build a better relationship with your mate. What was the big attraction to him or her when you first started dating that summer?

Those qualities are probably still there you just have to look for them.

It is possible that he or she has changed since those innocent days. Is it because you have changed in such a way that you no longer bring out those qualities in your spouse?

t is a heartbreaking thing to have friends and family members who are going through divorce.

Maybe you and your spouse are the ones considering a divorce and are looking for help.

I hope that the information in this article can be a help to you or your friends.

If you are going through a strained relationship you may find the stress and emotional anguish difficult to bear.

There are long-lasting and far-reaching effects that need to be considered before making life-changing decisions.

However your ability to think clearly and rationally about the future is often clouded by the emotional trauma you are experiencing.