Where you last saw her: As a Vogue editor mentoring Kurt (and occasionally singing) in the fourth season of “Glee,” along with the little-seen rom-com “All Roads Lead to Rome.” Where you recognize her: From the boundary-pushing hit HBO series “Sex and the City,” which grew progressively less revolutionary over six seasons and two subsequent movies.Kevin James Where you last saw him: In theaters as a bumbling mall cop or somewhere else in a relative orbit to Adam Sandler, probably.

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19), another New York-set CBS sitcom that features James as a retired cop and family man.

Kiefer Sutherland Where you last saw him: Releasing the capable country-rock album “Down in a Hole,” which does not include a cover of the Alice in Chains song.

Where you recognize him: From his adventures saving a post-Sept.

11 world as Special Agent Jack Bauer on the Fox warhorse “24,” which included the 2014 relaunch, “24: Live Another Day.”Where he is now: Reluctantly leading the free world in the ABC drama “Designated Survivor” (Sept.

21), which finds Sutherland as a Cabinet member promoted to president after a terrorist attack wipes out the government.

Your weekly guide to fall TV »Matt Le Blanc Where you last saw him: As “himself” in the Showtime showbiz satire “Episodes,” which ends after five seasons in 2017 and has netted him four Emmy nominations.

Where you recognize him: From the pop-culture devouring ’90s NBC sitcom “Friends,” which has ascended to nearly unmatched stature as streamable comfort food for a new generation.

Where he is now: On the CBS family sitcom “Man With a Plan” (Oct.

24) as a contractor who switches to childcare duty after his wife (Liza Snyder) returns to work.

Damon Wayans Where you last saw him: Possibly as the father to real-life son Damon Wayans Jr.

in an episode of “Happy Endings” in 2011, or in 2000’s ABC sitcom “My Wife and Kids,” Where you recognize him: As one of the driving forces behind the revolutionary ’90s sketch comedy series “In Living Color” or a variety of movies since, including the 1991 outsized buddy-cop action-comedy “The Last Boy Scout.”Where he is now: In the Fox reboot of the outsized ’80s buddy-cop franchise “Lethal Weapon” (Sept.