Being an undergraduate at Pembroke is a stretching and stimulating experience.

Learn the fundamentals of your chosen subject, then develop specialist expertise. Graduates are a crucial part of the student body and contribute fully to College life.

Students join the Department after one year (Part IA) of either Natural Sciences or Engineering.

Both these routes provide equally suitable preparation and the choice is a personal one.

In the second year, students learn about the fundamental science applied to Chemical Engineering processes, through lectures, laboratory classes and project work.

In year three, this knowledge is generalized and expanded to more complex chemical engineering operations, including the design of a whole chemical plant.

In year four, advanced topics on many theoretical and experimental techniques used to understand complex flows with biological and chemical phenomena are offered. The full four-year course is accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Students may choose to leave after year three with a BA degree.

However, in practice, almost all students continue for the fourth year of study, graduating then with the BA and MEng degrees.

Full details of the Chemical Engineering course in each year may be found on the Department’s website. Danckwerts, who was Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering (1959 -1977) and a Fellow of the College.

Chemical Engineering at Pembroke There is a long tradition of Chemical Engineering at Pembroke, dating back to Prof. Chemical Engineering students at Pembroke have all enjoyed very much the course (no student has transferred to another subject for many years).