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Heres some of his advice: Q: How did you become such a "dating expert" so young? She doesn't care about a boy liking her, or how a boy feels about her. Just say "Hi." If she says "Hi" back, you're off to a good start. Q: Do people come to you with their dating problems now? well, it's kind of like repeating the same things … " Things kind of like that that people want to know. A: Some adults, women, told me they buy it for husbands as a joke to say, "See, you should do this." It makes me laugh because it's funny that they say that to their husbands.

A: Let's say a boy was gonna try go say "Hi" to a girl he likes, I would stand nearby and peek and listen in. If something worked a few times, I put it in my book, too. I got interested in the topic because there's a lot to learn about girls. What you want to do is let the girl do most of the talking, start off asking about stuff she likes to do and then let her talk. Q: What's the most attractive quality about a girl? Not yet, because I just haven't found the right girl yet.

Q: In the book you write that "A crush is like a love disease. A: Not really, because I don't really get crushes that much. It can drive you mad because if a girl ditches you, you could get so depressed. Q: You say that boys should be careful around pretty girls. A: I don't really know — just because they're girls. Q: What do you like most about being on a book tour? I also like being interviewed because everybody has been so nice. A: I might be writing "How to Talk to Girls II" for middle schoolers, then part three as a guide for high schoolers, and then [parts] four, five and six for college and after that. I quite like the idea of him writing books on dating as he gets older.

I'll write them when I get to each age — I don't think I could get past security guards at a high school right now to do research ’cause I look too young. I think that would make quite interesting reading on dating thru the years and seeing how his dating experiences change with age. Now if i could find a man like that i'd be a happy bunny lolx Messages this short may not be posted about dating and 9 yrs olds (which lets face it just sounds incredibly wrong lol)You see us grown ups make mountains out of molehills, see problems where there arnt any, kids just see things how they are and get on with it.. Grown ups put to may obstacles in their own way, " Maybe she will turn me down ", " what if she doesnt fancy me " etc etc..

Kids seem to take more chances and go for what they want, half the time without thinking about the outcome Maybe some adults should take the Bull by the horns like some 9 year olds would.

Are you buying presents for any singletons this year?There are two books out right now that claim to know the secret to winning the attention of the opposite sex.One, "How to Talk to Girls," (.99/Harper Collins) is written by 9-year-old lothario Alec Greven, who originally wrote the book for a class project. How to Behave Around the Opposite Sex : "Growing up, guys never asked me out. ' Looking back, I can see I was being WAY too aggressive.The other, "Hooking Up With Tila Tequila," (/Scribner) is penned by bisexual reality TV star and Internet sensation Tila Tequila, who often appears in public semi-clothed. The more they backed up, the more I was in their face.Boys at that age weren't ready for such a confident girl." Vedict: Alec seems to be right on the money with the "wild" thing.The Balance of Power : "You have to be aware that girls win most of the arguments and have most of the power. Alec and Tequila agree on a surprising number of points, proving once and for all that girls and boys can get along if they just pretend to be who they are not, hide their true feelings, and realize that the girl is always right.