HOME SWEET HOME After Brooke confessed that her childhood house ” deserved better” than what her dysfunctional family gave it, Julian (aka Husband of the Year) went out and purchased it.

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Of course, the kicker — for both Quinn and viewers — first came when Logan said to Clay, “You’re already my dad, Dad” and referred to Quinn as “Mom.” ( Mouth, shockingly, inherited half a million dollars from the late Dan Scott, and struggled with both accepting it and putting it to good use.

Ultimately, in a full-circle moment, Tree Hill’s newest sportscaster founded an athletic scholarship in names of both Keith and Jimmy.

His reasoning: So, that one day this getting that second chance he so deserved…

The always-wise Haley James Scott set a fitting tone, telling the Tric crowd, “As most of you know, tonight is a very special night for us, so I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for being here.

The time that we have spent together over the years has meant so much, and without you we would not be here tonight. The night is yours, the night is ours, and it’s full of The episode began with a trip down memory lane for the series’ three core characters — Brooke, Nathan and Haley — who, in present day, observed their younger selves.

Emotional monologues from each accompanied the visually stunning scenes, and carried on throughout the episode up until the end.

At that point, in memorable moments from Season 1 — Nathan at the free-throw line, Brooke cheerleading, Haley supporting from the stands — characters appeared to directly address their older selves with a wink and a nod, like, “We did it.

We’re OK.” STORMY WEATHER many downs, Nathan and Haley shared a handful of what felt like earned, tender moments.

The once again happy couple shared a romantic dinner, kissed — a lot — and took one last sexy, very sweet romp in the rain.