Dating in the twenty-first century has made it harder than ever to meet in person.Eight on a date is focused on getting you out meeting people quickly.

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Then they find an dinner event that looks fun and reserve your seat at the table with a $5 dollar booking fee.

You can invite other singles from the group you'd like to meet.

You'll pay for your own meal and dine with seven other singles. Volunteer hosts are present at every meal, facilitating intimate conversations and making sure everyone at the table meets.

We’re responsible for 300+ marriages (and counting! If you want to improve your chances of being next – or simply raising your dating game – call us at (888) 897-8285 today!

Instead of the pressure of a one-on-one meeting or date, Eight at Eight Dinner Club dating service selects a mix of single people matched by age, interests, and background for a fine dining experience at new and exciting restaurants.

Our events are very different than It's Just Lunch, Hurry Date, and Speed Dating.

That’s because we work hard to help you create a robust profile so we can customize events, set up group dinner dates, and ensure our hostesses are able to make these evenings go smoothly.

Four single men and four single women meet at 8 (ergo the name Eight at Eight).

Each dinner dating party takes on a life of its own – filled with friendly conversation, delicious food, and the chance to expand your circle of friends. Eight at Eight's dating service is open to single professionals looking for dating opportunities in New York City and Atlanta.