Disney has given the Lupita Nyong’o chess drama “Queen of Katwe” an awards-season release date with a limited launch on Sept. The story follows a young girl selling corn on the streets of rural Uganda whose world rapidly changes when she is introduced to the game of chess.

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Robert Katende, who helped train Mutesi, is portrayed by Oyelowo.

Nyong’o won an Oscar for best supporting actress three years ago for her role in “12 Years a Slave.” Nair is providing an exclusive first look at footage from “Queen of Katwe” on April 24 at the San Francisco Film Festival.

In fact, according to the reality star and the 27-year-old former Miss Nevada USA, there is no way their relationship started last April…

Paul Nassif may have one-upped his ex-wife Adrienne Maloof in the 'hot young piece' department with new girlfriend, Helen Salas, it appears that the rumors that the pair first started hooking before his divorce from the star was finalized are UNTRUE!

because they only met for the first time six weeks ago!

There's just been so much back-and-forth between these two during their split that we have a hard time gauging who's lying about what! The divorce is settled and they both have significantly younger flings to occupy their time, so here's hoping they can both just stay out of each other's tinsel-adorned hair and properly MOVE ON with their lives! Is Paul telling the truth about the time-frame of his relationship?This is a show unafraid to explore the darkest parts of itself, taking us down to the depths of separation and emotionally gutting us in the best and most frightening of ways, so that the payoff has never felt more earned or deserved. Hee-jin is clueless as to the meaning, and is curious that the show will be exploring a rumor she’s never heard of – that Queen In-hyun had a secret lover.In short, this episode is like running through an emotional obstacle course backward and blind, and it’s AWESOME. The segment is being pushed forward because of new evidence discovered a month prior, which seems to wash over Hee-jin as unimportant even as she accepts. She gets a call from her director asking her to do some narration work for a documentary program entitled . Soo-kyung and Hee-jin are in the midst of a move, though Soo-kyung’s doing most of the heavy lifting while Hee-jin pesters her from the salon, getting dolled up for a poster shoot.It seems safe to say that Hee-jin has lost her memories of Boong-do, and this evidence raises some red flags – could it be Boong-do’s letter?