Divided into three groups, these caves have been worked upon so artistically, it gives an impression that the caves have been made out of wood.Besides the beauty of the caves, these caves are also known for their unique echo sounds that can only be experienced to appreciate its beauty.

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While one can find many inscriptions here that confirm these caves were dedicated to Ajivika by Dasaratha, son of Ashoka there are also indications that they might have housed Buddhist shrines at some point of time.

The second of the Barabar Caves is the caves of the five Pandavas, this is believed to be the caves used by the five Pandavas brothers during their exile (as per the Mahabharata).

The third set of caves are the ‘Hut caves’; these caves are in the shape of a hut, and they served as the dwellings of Buddhist and Jain monks.

Think Bihar and numerous stupas, monasteries, Jain temples and other religious edifices immediately come to mind…

but did you know that there’s so much to explore there?

While other states like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh boast of their exquisite cave temples, Bihar is also one such State that is home to many such hidden treasures, the main ones being the Pippala Caves, Barabar Caves, Sonbhandar Caves and more.

Dating back to 200 BC to the days of Emperor Ashoka, the Barabar Caves located about 20-25 kilometers away from the north of Gaya, is a highly revered place for both Hindus and Buddhists.

Cut out of a mammoth granite rock and used by Ajivika however some caves also contain Buddhist stupas.

(Ajivika being a separate belief that is said to have flourished during Ashoka’s time, his father being a believer, however there is not much known about this sect).

It is said the work on them is so perfect, a look and one feels that the rock has been cut by using a laser, not a chisel.

Cut out of hard monumental rocks, these caves have been polished to such an extent, that it doesn’t fail to impress one and all visiting the caves and keep one wondering as to how monks nearly 2000 + years ago managed to get such a finish to the caves.