Upon removing the mother from a stall piled several feet high with manure, a 2-week old colt was found alive under the mare.The colt was very weak as his mother was unable to nurse him.

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Snickers is sorrel in color with a growing height at about 15 hands.

Snickers has had extensive ground training, including “bomb-proofing” and “showmanship”, along with lunging.

Snickers has also become a nice, rideable horse at a walk, trot and canter.

He has been known to go to local horse show benefits where he enjoys performing with his other four legged friends.

He is currently learning turns, circles, and serpentines, along with bending from leg pressure of a rider, at both the walk, trot and canter. Cocoa was the first adult horse to be rescued, in Feb. She was found in a stall piled several feet high with manure.

Her coat was so matted with manure it was hard to find her actual coat.Her feet were so long, they curled several times over, looking like elf feet.Cocoa’s feet were in such bad condition she could hardly stand, let alone walk on them.The owner of Cocoa demanded to be paid for her, otherwise he was going to shoot her.The Rescue paid for Cocoa, and upon getting her out of the stall, discovered she had a sickly, undernourished 2-week old foal underneath her.Cocoa is now a very healthy mare, about 10 years old.