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Please have a pen ready to write down your membership number when you call.

You must be using a touch-tone phone listed in your name, and must not block your telephone number to use this service.

For security reasons, when you use your membership, you must call from the same phone number used to purchase your 900 membership.

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you are billed only one minute for every two minutes you are on Cruiseline’s Live Connections.

To receive your free trial membership to Cruiseline Burlington call 905.296.6725 and press 1 from the main menu.

For more information, please call our helpful, 24-hour customer service, toll-free, at 1.877.882.2005. And, your membership time is only deducted when you are using a paid feature. Click here to buy Cruiseline time online by credit card – it’s easy, convenient and secure!

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