Our services and methodologies for market research in China Our methodologies use quantitative and qualitative information to analyze and understand the Chinese market.Our services include different market intelligence tools such as: The expertise of Daxue Consulting Since 2009, Daxue Consulting has served Multinationals (MNC) and SME in numerous sectors such as FMCG sectors, food and beverage, technologies, real estate projects, travel, leisure, E-commerce websites, luxury fields, and fashion as well as industrial and Bto B businesses.

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We provided market research in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzheng and all over China. One client, one unique experience Our work is focused on our clients and we adapt our methodologies to their questions to get the best information possible to solve their challenges in China.

We consider each market research project as a unique and new challenge.

Over the years, a multitude of differing projects have helped develop our technical tools in leveraging social networks, forums and new technologies for our market survey in China.

These tools make it possible to approach the Chinese markets and to provide consulting in a unique, effective and competitive way.

We are able to examine our clients’ technological deficiencies and suggest methods to improve their operations in China.

Following this examination, we can develop and program new useful tools and suitable methodologies to improve our clients businesses.

No business today can deny the need for technology in their daily business operations and our consulting team wants to provide you the best tools to improve these operations in China.

Efficiency throughout China for China Market Research Daxue Market Research Group has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong-Kong.

Moreover, we are able to manage market surveys all over China through our network of project assistants and panels.

Through our contacts and university networks, we are able to leverage this resource to make it a proxy to understand the entire market.

Our target audience is actually connected with all of the segments we are interested in and we particularly aim to work with MBAs to serve as samples to better understand the thoughts and consumptions patterns of the emerging middle and affluent classes in China.